Challenge Lesson 10

Tell that little voice to shut the hell up for good!

It is time to crush that little voice that pops up to tell us what we “should” or “could” do or have done.
Have you ever been excited about something….and then that little voice pops up with its opinion?

Why are you trying that? You know you can’t do that! You should have known better! You could fail!

All those little statements that stop you in tracks.


Everyone is familiar with the voice inside your head that tells you things that you need to do,worry about or focus on.

Though realizing when you listen to that voice the influence behind
the voice is not always you.

To begin this exercise, get two pieces of paper.

At the top of the first piece of paper write the word “Should”.

On the Should piece of paper write five to six sentences that all start with –

I Should….. then fill in the blank to finish the sentences. For example; I should get rid of my convertible. Finish filling in your sentences now. Don’t take a lot of time, just fill in what comes easily for you.

Now that you have compiled your list of should sentences I want you to read through each sentence one at a time and ask yourself the question
“Why?” at the end of each sentence.

For example; I should get rid of my convertible. Why? Because my family has told me it is impractical to have that car with a family now.
Do that for each of the questions and note your
“Why?” answer with each.

The energy or emotion that is felt using the word “should” is a scolding type feeling. You can feel the resistance every time you use a sentence with or tell yourself you should.

If you can take that one word out of your vocabulary and begin to notice and stop yourself or self correct when using the word should, it will be amazing the shift and difference just replacing and deleting that one word will make in your life.

The dictionary definition of Should is; used to indicate duty; must; is or are obligated to Replace the word should with could.

You now have a choice if you want to or not and it is not a scolding but a lighter feeling choice.

On your other piece of paper write the word “Could” on the

Start each sentence on this piece of paper with “ If I really wanted to I could……….” fill in the rest of the sentence. Make sure to include five or six Could sentence answers on this page.

Read through each answer and notice the difference in the feel you get when you are allowing yourself the choice to decide what feels right to you.

Now notice what is yours and what is others putting wants or demands or ideals on you in comparison.

It is our obligation to take care of our Could’s and not allow others should’s to dictate the decisions, choices or things we do and think.

If you would like to take the exercise even one step deeper you can now ask the question, “Why haven’t I” after each Could sentence.

Just notice what is your want and what is something you have never really wanted to do for you but felt obligated to do. Now let go of those and cross off your list the sentences that are not your desires and feel right to you.

Remember you always have a choice on what to do, think and how you treat and talk to yourself. Being gentle and loving with yourself is where it all begins.

Ask yourself these questions whenever you feel the moment arise that you are being hard on yourself.

Kick the word “should” out of your vocabulary and replace it with the word “could”

Lesson Tasks

Get 2 pieces of paper

Write your “should” list first and ask your question Why?

Write your “could” list

Compare your two lists as to what is something someone else made you think or feel and how the word could creates a different feeling inside of you.

Tracking for Your Inner Voice Exercise

Track your answers inside the Challenge by filling in the spaces below.


Fill in this section with as many "should" or "should not" sentences as you can.
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Note your "why" answer for each of the "should" sentences.
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Start each sentence with "If I really wanted to, I could __________
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Answer "Why Haven't I?" for the Could sentences
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