Understand Habits…both productive and non-productive to focus on the Habits you WANT in your life

If you do something over and over enough it becomes a Habit. Studies show it takes 30 days to create a Habit

“There is no shortcut . It takes time to build a better, stronger, version of yourself.” – Gymaholic

To break down our Habits first we must go deeper and understand habits

I know there can be a not so great feeling associated with the word HABIT…


What if we replaced Habit with Focus?

Habits or “Focus” are formed over time by doing the same action or thought over and over until it has become almost a subconscious behavior.

Habits or “Focus” take time to form and develop.
One study shows you must repeat the same thing for 30 days before it becomes a “habit” or Focus.

Habits or “Focus” can be either beneficial or hurt the goals you have set for yourself

I want to breakdown our Habits right now….
If you need to download the sheet and print it, you can grab it below.

Take a moment and make a quick list of your Current habits at the top of the Habit Breakdown Worksheet.

Do not focus or think about if these are beneficial Habits right now.

Just get them out of your mind onto the worksheet.

List ALL of the Habits that you have right now that you can think of.
This can include habits of eating, thoughts, feelings, ways you react to something. Places you go or things you do.

All of these are Habits.
No judgement here!!

No matter what your habits are, right now…for today, They are just where you are at and what you are doing but they DO NOT make you who you are!

Be kind to yourself!

The great thing is we can ALWAYS CHANGE what we are doing and focusing on.

Think of this as the “stock you,” Where you are right now at the beginning today.

You don’t like the stock rims and tire size? Don’t want to keep those plastic bumpers forever? That is okay….you will modify them as you build….

Just like you will do in yourself.

Be kind to yourself!

Once you have created your list and only once you are done….
go back through now and next to each habit write B for Beneficial or NB for Not Beneficial next to each Habit.

Now you are breaking down and looking at each individual Habit.

Is it Benefiting you and getting you closer to your goals and who you want to become?


Is it Non Beneficial and it is hindering you getting closer to your goals?
Again…NO JUDGEMENT! We are not here to beat ourselves up or judge.
It really does not matter what Habits you are doing….don’t spend time feeling bad!

This is to get clear, have a starting point, and being really honest with yourself on what Habits you have formed.

Once you know, are aware and have brought attention to your Habits….then you can change them.

Habits are important in life

Lesson Tasks

Take judgement and bias out as you do this exercise today!

Work through the Habits Breakdown Worksheet on the top space only for right now.

Just make a list without thinking and feeling one way or another about it.

The goal is to just get it onto paper for this exercise.

Habit Tracker

Keep everything together inside this challenge:

Beneficial Habits
Click here to enter your note
Non-Beneficial Habits
Click here to enter your note
New Habits to bring in
Click here to enter your note
Habits to Remove
Click here to enter your note


The downloads for this Lesson:
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