Challenge Lesson 13

Re-fuel, rest and take a time out

You need to take a day for you sometimes. Re-fuel your tank and look back on what you have done!


Wow…..Reward Yourself Today!
You have done so much over the past 12 days in the challenge.

You need to take a day and some time for you. Today is a great day to get into the habit of taking a little R&R for yourself. Rest and let yourself be.

Then re-fuel your own gas tank and take care of yourself today.

Look back on all you have done.

You need to allow yourself a “time out” throughout your week. Today we are doing a focused “time out.”

At some point today, I want you to put your phone down. Turn off anything around you. Find a quiet space and allow yourself to do NOTHING.

No thoughts, no planning, no thinking ahead, no focusing on yesterday, JUST BE IN THE MOMENT of right now!

Once you have taken your “time out” find something that refuels you. It can be playing a particular song, watching a particular video, etc. That something needs to help to inspire or feed your energy.

Get inspired for this upcoming week by setting yourself up for success and energy today.

Lesson Tasks

Just Be and Rest today

Meet Your Goals Today

(enter a Checkmark for the items you complete today.)

Take a Time Out Today
Refuel Yourself

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