Jeep Lessons are Life Lessons….scars tell our story

“Trust is build with CONSISTENCY” – Lincoln Chafee

I see a Jeep, who has worked hard, pushed through hard obstacles, and though maybe came out scratched, dirty, muddy, and looking like hell…….

it made it down that hard trail!

Even if there were struggles along that path, it made it out!!! Those scratches, scars, dirt, mud, and struggles give that Jeep character!

Proof it made it out alive….

When you look at that Jeep sitting at the end of the trail, driving out of the woods, back into the open field…..

you think ‘DAMN! That Jeep went just went through Hell from the way it looks. BUT it made it out!’

It is time to see that triumph in ourselves! It is okay to look like the trail, the struggle, the obstacles, that you just made it through! Just like for our Jeep….

it is proof we made it out alive and conquered!

We give each other high fives when the Jeep conquers and makes it out the other side. No matter the scars it may endure as it does so.

We need to give each other high fives, hugs, and words of triumph when we make it out of that hard trail ourselves. In life we may take the wrong turn and end up on the Double Black Trail….but when we have made it through and crest the trail head to exit….we need to support and celebrate with each other!!

Today….I ask you encourage someone.

Smile at a stranger, a waitress, your Starbucks Barista, etc.
You never know which part of the trail someone is stuck on. Today offer a winch line in the way of support, encouragement, compassion and above all the positive and joy in life.

We support each other, as Jeepers, as Ladies, and no matter what part of your life trail you are on!

So much love today!your mind.

To get started it can be the easiest to do this exercise with nature.
Go outside and spend a couple minutes just focused on a tree, a plant or anything that is still. Focus on that nothing but the stillness. Allow your mind to stop thinking, stop the chatter. Sit and focus on that moment of silence and stillness.

Use this exercise daily. Train yourself to start to look for and notice the stillness and silence. It is between sentences and thoughts as someone is speaking. It is also between your own thoughts and words.

Be a stillness seeker this week!

Scars are proof of the trails you have taken, the life you have lived and the moments you will never forget

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