Lesson – Love Yourself

Love Yourself and everything else will fall into place. Life, relationships and everything else seems to shift

Learning to love yourself is a breakthrough that can make every area of life better. -Gay Hendricks

We all know how important it is to love ourselves. I am sure you have heard “you have to start with you first” “you can’t love anyone unless until you love yourself first”

and so on and so on. Why is that such a strong sentiment?

Today we are going to work through the beginning steps of loving yourself. We will come back to continue this exercise in our Challenge Lessons together. Loving yourself is not easy. Loving yourself takes time to develop.

We must begin by understanding the feeling of Love. Feeling that emotion in our bodies helps to build our muscle memory and emotional response.


Think of someone or something that you love. You know you have an unconditional love for this person or thing.

As you are thinking about this person/thing that you love, notice the feeling that you are getting in your body.

Stay in this place for a couple minutes while you continue to think about the love you have for this person/thing. Focus on the feeling in your body.

Where and how do you feel Love in your body?
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This feeling of love in your body, is the same feeling to work towards on how you feel about yourself. Strive to think about yourself with love and hold that feeling.

“We must accept ourselves un-conditionally, and we must demand the very best of ourselves. Learning to love ourselves means developing a warm embrace and a firm hand. It is learning to treat ourselves with utmost mercy while being merciless in our demand that we be true to our highest ideals.” -Gay Hendricks

Make Your I Love About Myself List Below. Do not let that little inner voice pipe up or chime in! Brain dump and let everything you love about yourself flow out.

Your “I Love Myself” List

I Love Myself List
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Todays Tasks

Take a moment to be in the feeling of Love
Write down how and where you feel love in your body
Fill out your "I Love Myself" list

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