Create Your Fight Song

You know that one song….it makes you feel strong, powerful, happy, etc

Find things that can help keep you, or put you, in the state of mind and emotion when you need some help getting there.

Ok…you maybe thinking to yourself right now that this sounds a little


Find a song that makes you feel how you want to feel? Use a song to help get you into a new space? Use a song to “re-charge” when you are struggling? YES!
That is exactly what I am bringing forward to you today.

You may already have your Fight song.

In fact, it might already be in your play list. Take a moment today….find your “fight song” that is for you. It can be a couple even, might be different for the situation. Make sure your fight song is in your playlist.

Schedule time once a day to listen to your fight song. It could be while you are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Driving into work. Lunch Break Driving Home or whenever feels right to you.

This is another tool that you can use to help get from how you are feeling right now….to a new feeling. Use this as much as you need it.

We all have our own things we are drawn to. Things that move us, fill us emotion and feel like they are made just for us….

Here are some of my Fight Songs in my playlist. I wanted to share as ideas, but remember we are all different and unique!

I have to say “Champion” has been my fight song for over a year now…..and sharing this lesson with you today is the first time I actually watched the music video that goes with this song…..I have always just listened to the song….as my #1 Personal Fight Song.

(This song contains bad language)

What does your song sound like?

Todays Tasks

Find your "Fight Song"
Make sure it is saved in your music or bookmarked on your phone
Schedule when you will listen this to this song. (At least once a day)
Fill In the Daily Tracker for this lesson

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