Build Yourself Like Your Jeep

Focus on what you want to change or re-design and add to YOU as well as your life by making the schedule of the habits you will now incorporate into your life and where.

You would not rush your Jeep Build… don’t rush your Personal Build.

Just like you would design your Jeep Build….you need to focus on you in the same thought process.

What changes do you want to make to you this year?

What “upgrades” per say are you ready to focus on adding to YOU as your build?

Just as the build for your Jeep is a slow process…so is your Personal Build for yourself! Be kind, layout the changes and modifications you want to do, slowly chip away at that list until you have reached your Build and completed your modifications. Give yourself time….just as you do for your Jeep build.

ALSO….appreciate every small change along the way! Again…I know I keep referencing your Jeep Build…but it is the same! You get excited and motivated when you see one small upgrade added to your Jeep.

It is what makes the process so much fun! Use that same mindset and see every little upgrade you make to yourself and CELEBRATE it along the way!

When you take the time to look at YOU just like your Jeep and stay in the mindset of a “slow build” it takes pressure off.

Image…..where you are right now is your “stock” version of you.

Sit down and take a moment today and write out the modifications and upgrades you want to make to your build. (Just like we do for our Design Your Jeep Build)

Once you have your list….look at where and what you want to start with. Give yourself permission to work slowly through your build. (Just like your Jeep build)

Put the upgrades and modifications you want to make for your Personal Build into an ordered list.
Remember, it won’t happen overnight…..but with a plan you have a path to follow.
Once you have made one upgrade, go back and focus on the next.

Everyone has their own goal, dream and vision for their build. No two people are the same!

Be Thankful Every Day!

Todays Tasks

1. Do your Personal Build overview plan

2. Put those modifications and upgrades into your own personal order.

3. Start with one at a time!

Tracker for your Personal Build

Track your plan:

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Put those Modifications in order for you
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As you finish a modification or upgrade place it in this "completed" section
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