Getting Clear Breakdown

The Lady Jeepers Progress Road Steps 1-3

Breakdown Your Wall….Brick by Brick Until Nothing Stands In Your Way!

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We focused on your Why and then yesterday on getting clear with where you are right now and where you are starting. You designed an overall time and focus plan of where you are spending it and where you want to be spending it.
Today we start the beginning breakdown process of how you get from the now or current location to the destination.

Started with Section I

  • We talked about this in creating your “WHY”
  • Call on that image and feeling of being 6 months or a year in the future. Changes made, goals crushed and you are now in that place living what you imagined.
  • Find a photo that represents that feeling, moment or change.
  • Describe and write out in detail what that end feels like, where you are, who you are with, what you are doing and what is different or has changed.
  • Be in that future moment and enjoy this exercise.

Move to Section II

  • We started this yesterday with the where you are spending energy, time and focus right now in your Live Your Perfect 10.
  • Bring forward the details now of where you are currently, what you are doing, how you are feeling.
  • Be kind but honest with yourself in this section.
  • Suspend judgement. State the facts of where you currently are and how you feel. Do not add judgement or shame in this. After all….you can’t say you are starting in the city and be on the rural road 20 miles away to start your GPS.

Section III

  • Get clear in this section on what is holding you back from being where you want to be in the future.
  • Imagine a big brick wall standing in front of you. It stands in the way on the trail from where you are starting and the exit.
  • We will work on taking this wall down….brick by brick and piece by piece….but NOT TODAY!
  • Today focus on naming and figuring out what those bricks are that make up that wall standing there. Your wall my big or small.
  • Name those bricks! It can be what you need to work on, overcome or learn.
  • These bricks can also be ideas and mindsets you have that pop up.
    My Wall was made up of bricks like this……
  • Fear of Failure, self doubt, can’t execute, don’t like how look, feel tired, feel sick, no energy, don’t want to leave house, anxiety, no time, no one will like me, Learn to organize, learn one piece at a time, learn systems, learn to do little things.
  • Take your time and name those bricks with anything that comes up for you.

Take your time today as you work through this piece!

Remember this is a full process I will take you through.

We will work through all of this together.
Make a note on your Daily Tracker Page on how you feel during and after the daily challenge lesson too.

  • Take your time and trust in the process

We will work through the entire process together from start to finish. In the end you will have a solid plan to work through

Lesson Tasks

Take your time to work through all 3 parts of today’s Lesson.

Remember – Do Not Fill Out Section 4 – We are not there yet.

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